Off Topic Erster Patch erschienen 02.10.2012, 09:08 Uhr

Auf der Seite von Nordic Games ist ein erster Patch zu Dungeon Lords MMXII erschienen.
Der mit Versionsnummer 1.60 angegebene Flicken soll laut Changelog nachfolgende Dinge in Ordnung bringen:

1) Fixed:
Hero and Monster MANA and MAXIMUM mana now stored as unsigned values with a maximum value of 65535.
This correction fixes the issue reported in release 1.60I version that could cause overflow and
result in negative values for hero maximum mana and prevent spellcasting for high level characters.

Cooldown for Heal Potion and Greater Heal Potion has been reduced from 1 minute to 20 seconds.

3) NEW:
The quantity of Potions and Scrolls available are now displayed in Inventory Bags and on the
Action Bar for these items.

4) NEW:
New KEY COMMAND Support: 'I' key (default) now opens and closes all inventory bags.
A new default.kbd file is provided with this build containing the default 'I' key setting, however,
existing users may choose to not install this file (which resets all keyboard commands to default
values) and instead may go to OPTIONS page from Main Menu, click KEYBOARD, click on the "INVENTORY
TOGGLE" key and assign 'I' key value manually to set this key command.

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